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I've fiddled with programming for quite awhile. Ahh - the days spent in front of the C64 learning basic. Since then I've learned a number of other languages and done some interesting code.
As to what I code on - if it is for a server or mission critical then it has to go on Unix (While I'm partial to FreeBSD, I also regularly use Linux, mostly Ubuntu lately.


I won't admit to knowing how to code in Java. I will admit to knowing how to hack things into doing what I want it to do in Java - big difference. It gives me something to play with and continue to learn. My only real complaint about FreeBSD - it takes forever to compile Java on it.


Hobby wise, I enjoy coding on Dead Of Night, making the game more enjoyable for our player base. D.O.N. is an LPC based mud, which basically is a custom variant of C built for a multi-user text environment. (I'm showing my age here, MUDs are a dying breed of entertainment)

Some of my more interesting projects there include the web-to-MUD trivia game, and of course my randomly demented message creator


Where would the 'net be without Perl? It truly is the glue that holds everything together. It makes everything from system administration to this webpage all the more easier and better. I've done way too many projects with perl, it's used daily.


It's like perl on speed (For the web that is). Easy to use scripting and makes life easy.
After being fed up with limitations of billing software for ISPs, we wrote our own.
Successfully co-developed a community website with over 100K users. But this isn't the right place to promote this other website....


Right, not a programming language. But the best thing to do databases with and have to use this for dynamic content. Currently have a project with 19 million rows and growing, and MySQL just keeps on going without breaking a sweat.