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I've been involved in a number of projects in my professional life.

I first started working with my parent's company, Tim Pitcher Inc. Summers were spent on the road in the service industry. I also spent time in my sister's hardware store

If you want to learn about business with a hands on approach, there is no better way then being involved in a family business. You become involved in everything at one time or another, which overall is a very positive thing.

After being exposed to the Internet back in '93 at GMI, I realized it was something I wanted to be involved with. After GMI I realized my area still had no local way to get online, so...

LocalLink Logo
was born at the end of '97.

LocalLink, a regional/national ISP was quite fun. It has grown from serving only a few cities to a dozen, to nationwide, and continues to grow. LocalLink has also enabled me to continue on in the technology field, which I find exciting. I sold the ISP customer base in '07 but have continued developing online solutions.

A year later, a few friends and I recognized a need in the business world, developed a great solution to fill this need, and opened

ComAuction did well and achieved some great success. From being a Finalist in PC/Computing's MVP Best of the Best awards for 1999 to myself being nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year for the State of Michigan. It's was a very - errrr, interesting time those 2 years.

Want some streaming music? WGTO Radio was one of the early streaming radio stations, and before everyone and their brother was doing it they were in the top 10 of most listened to online radio stations. They still get a ton of hours a month listened to, as their sound is one that everyone can agree on. Good stuff! It's been fun streaming them online for so many years.

I've done a variety of other projects, mostly all web based and am always on the lookout for something that is interesting and profitable.