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Vitals :
Born : 19 June, 1975
Eyes : Blue
Hair : Blonde/Brown
Height : 5' 9"
Location : Sister Lakes, Michigan

Family : Mother, Father and 1 older sister

On 18 Dec, 1999 I performed the wedding for Michelle and my new brother-in-law Marty.

They have since adopted Michael, my first chance to be an uncle.

The newest little one to call me uncle is Megan.

Education : Lake Michigan Catholic High School ('93), GMI (Now Kettering University)

Hobbies include camping, fishing, canoeing, computers, water balloons

I became a minister of the ULC for the ability to say "I'm a minister" (Legally anyhow). I did preside over the marriage of my Sister and my now brother-in-law Marty - which was fun. (Although it sounds like I'm from the deep south when I say that I married my sister)